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The leading smartphone platforms are available with each passing year. Smart features on Android and iOS make everyday life much easier. Regardless of your personal preference, there are quite a few similarities between Google and Apple software, but also just as different. If you choose iPhone, you’ll have access to a more intuitive interface, faster operating speed, and exclusive app features.

Apple are innovators in smartphone software technology, and this outlines one of their big advantages over Android. The rapid spread of software updates is also a reason to settle on the iPhone over competing smartphones. Active work at Google and financial investments in the company make Android among all the more serious alternatives.

Here are a few reasons why users are choosing smartphones with the rival platform over iOS, according to AndroidHeadlines.

Android open source
The most popular operating system for smartphones is based on Linux and uses the latest kernel updates. This feature allows for more proactive maintenance and faster bug fixes. The free nature of Android allows a network of developers to care about software quality, find problems and contribute to innovation.

Personalization options
Customization is one of the areas where Android outperforms iOS. Widgets have recently become part of Apple’s ecosystem, but have been an important element of competing smartphones for years. Users have many more options to make the Lockscreen and Home screen look the way they want. Apple is constantly adapting, but so far they are lagging behind in this regard.

The integration with Google applications
Deep integration with Google’s full suite of software solutions is most pronounced on Android smartphones. Users can benefit from many additional functionalities and notifications that save valuable time. Google’s built-in search engine also displays more relevant content than Apple’s alternative algorithms.

The variety of devices
Google’s efforts to support hundreds of manufacturers’ devices are extremely important. This allows the company to quickly respond to security issues.

Patches from manufacturers often make it possible to fix various Android vulnerabilities. Google’s automated AI systems improve not only functionality, but also day-to-day protection against malware.

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