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Apple’s new smartphone offers some familiar features from the competition

Apple recently introduced its new iPhone 14 smartphone. Along with it, the iOS 16 platform makes its debut. Through it, the Apple smartphone receives interesting innovations. However, some of them have been available on Android for quite some time, GizChina notes.

Among them is the so-called Always-on display. Through this feature, iPhone 14 Pro models will be able to offer an always-on display. It will display basic information like time, notifications, etc. The function is considered quite convenient and important, and Apple paid special attention to it. In fact, it’s been available in numerous Android smartphones with OLED displays for years, gaining popularity among Samsung and Nokia models.

Another novelty for Apple is the removal of the traditional notch for the front camera and changing it to a „hole“ that has perforated the display. The iPhone 14 Pro offers this change, but again, it’s actually been a design approach in dozens of Android smartphones for a long time, gaining popularity alongside the Huawei Nova 4.

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Even „Dynamic Island“ isn’t an entirely new idea. It got a lot of attention at the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro, but it turns out that the LG V10 has a similar feature, albeit a long time ago. Other companies like Vivo have also been experimenting with such methods for some time.

Another dynamic innovation is the refresh of the display image with varying speed. This is useful for optimizing battery life and improving the overall user experience. Android smartphones in this price range (and even cheaper models already) have offered this feature en masse for quite some time.

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GizChina notes that even the iPhone 14’s car crash detection isn’t new, with the Google Pixel 6 having such a feature. There are also rumors that Google might make the feature available on Android itself and for other phones.

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Of course, Apple hasn’t claimed that its features are unique. The company simply announced that they are being offered on the iPhone for the first time, which is true. And she prefers not to hurry with the novelties and first tests them in detail and only then makes them widely available through iOS and iPhone.

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