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What we know about the iPhone SE 4

Premium smartphones are an important business category for Apple. We have already informed you about the improvements in the iPhone 14 series. The company has high expectations and predicts record sales during the attractive holiday season at the end of 2022. The impressive competition of Android manufacturers has already shifted the focus to the budget segment.

The original version of the iPhone SE appeared in 2016. and offered a design inspired by the iPhone 5S introduced three years earlier. The technological giant did not give up on the concept and added to its portfolio the second generation of the iPhone SE in 2020. Distinctive features of the series are the compact size and low price, which are complemented by older hardware and current updates to iOS.

The third version of the iPhone SE was introduced by the company in March and shares a similar design with the iPhone 8 as its predecessor. An appearance by popular blogger John Prosser on the Geared Up podcast reveals some details about the fourth-generation iPhone SE.

From the design point of view, a big change awaits us, as the iPhone SE 4 will attract attention with a more modern look. Unlike the current three generations, Apple will look to the iPhone XR for inspiration for the new model.

Thus, the fourth version will have a more modern design that removes the frames around the screen, as well as the Home button. Instead, we are expecting the Notch slot, which has been traditional in recent years, as well as Face ID. The current version of the iPhone SE offers a 4.7-inch LCD screen, while the iPhone XR has a larger 6.1-inch display.

The company will probably bet on the same processor with which the iPhone 14 series works.

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