чт. мар. 30th, 2023
Bmw M850i

Given the traditionally understated exterior of Bavarian M-indexed cars, the 2022 BMW M8 coupe could easily be mistaken for a regular eighth-series model, but beneath that conservative exterior lies a unique performance. We were convinced of this after a thorough test drive of the most powerful series-produced BMW. We’re going to talk about the M8 Competition Coupe.

BMW offers a similar twin-turbo V8 engine in its M850i version, which has a power of 523 hp. But fans of the brand know that the best performance is always reserved for the „full“ M cars. Every M8 now has true-to-race specs that include 625 horsepower, a rear-displacement four-wheel drive system, and chassis components enhanced for racetrack performance.

Despite the vague feel of the brake pedal and the heavy nose, the big, muscular Bavarians have an impressive performance. Imagine Shaquille O’Neal performing ballet. Whether you’re witnessing their unique acceleration or reveling in the opulent interior (ignoring the too-small back seat), the 2022 M8 coupe is the fastest „eight,“ but one that’s primarily intended for wealthy customers.

What’s new

The big change is that the model is offered in Competition trim, which means that each version now has 625 horsepower and other equipment that was previously exclusive to the more tuned version. The M8 is now also available with lighter M Carbon seats as an individual option.

Since the M8 coupe we were given for testing costs less and is more suitable for a racetrack, we’d recommend it over the convertible. However, both body styles come with a large number of standard luxury goodies, so we’d only go for options that add to the driving pleasure. And chief among them are the M Carbon ceramic brakes, which according to BMW reduce weight and are designed to withstand a much greater load.

Despite its considerable overall weight, we were blown away by its ridiculously fast acceleration, reaching 100 km/h in just three seconds. Despite the note of more exhaust gases, which to be honest we are not particularly excited, the feeling of dynamics is mind-blowing. This BMW is blindingly quick, and its automatic is brilliantly insightful. Although the four-wheel drive system is designed to provide safety, we found that provoking the so-called. controlled drifting is best left for an empty parking lot or race track.

By Vasil

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