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The iPhone 14 may still be brand new and only been out for about two months, but the smartphone segment isn’t waiting. Speculations on what Apple’s next smartphone model will offer are already rife with every aspect of it. This is normal, considering that the next model will be the iPhone 15 and, in addition to the „five-year-old“, it should also be a generation with more updates.

Apple usually rotates major iPhone updates every year or so. And if the iPhone 14 does not offer drastic changes, it only increases the expectations for its successor.

The rumors this time actually hint at slightly more interesting potential plans for the next model, reports 9to5Mac. Among them is that the iPhone 15 may have a titanium body. And the design may be rounded and similar to that of the iPhone 5C. Also, the frame around the display will be thinner.

Source ShrimpApplPro clarifies that these are very early plans and they are subject to change. The final decision has not yet been made by the company, which traditionally does not comment on its plans again.

There is a kind of „underheard“ rumor that claims that the titanium cases will only be for the Pro models. And another speculation claims that the iPhone 15 may not offer two Pro models as before, but only one. The second could be rechristened the iPhone 15 Ultra, as the company did with the new Apple Watch model.

In terms of displays, no change is expected and they will keep the current sizes and versions. The new interactive Dynamic Island for notifications will become available in all versions. At the same time, only the two more expensive models will have additional technologies such as dynamic change of the picture refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz and Always-on display.

The iPhone 15 will almost certainly offer USB-C as a charging port, as this is also the new EU requirement. However, it takes effect from 2024, so the company will actually have another year to continue with its Lightning technology if it wants to.

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