нд. мар. 26th, 2023

The iPhone 14 series has not yet reached all fans, but already the flow of information about the next generation, iPhone 15, is actively going.

We’ve already talked about a few things:
1.Rumors of a completely redesigned design and a titanium frame;
2.To increase speed thanks to Thunderbolt port for charging and data transfer;
3.For the appearance of Dynamic Island in all models.
3.Now, Nikkei has confirmed another specification upgrade.
5.According to the Asian publication, Sony will bring its latest camera sensors to the iPhone 15, which is a significant improvement in its image-capturing capabilities.

According to the report, the new sensor „roughly doubles the saturation“ for each pixel. This means capturing more light and better resistance to underexposure and overexposure. According to them, for example, the sensor should be more than capable of capturing a clear face, even in strong backlight.

This is a welcome improvement for the iPhone. Although he was never weak in photography. It’s not like there aren’t worthy competitors, however, that even those that surpass it.

Devices like the Vivo X90 Pro+ have shown how far phone cameras have come.
With clear and detailed images captured during the day or at night. In order for the iPhone, as well as other flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, to retain their moniker as premium smartphones, they need to be able to keep up.

There is no confirmation on which models will get this improved sensor.
While this can happen in all models, Apple tends to take a staggered approach. Just as the base model and iPhone 14 Plus have a more modest set of features than the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

However, we hope to see this improvement across the line. The base iPhone 14 was hampered by specs that were very similar to those of the iPhone 13. It’s time for a big, massive upgrade.

By Kalcho Post

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