чт. мар. 30th, 2023

Sales of the iPhone 14 series smartphones started weeks ago. Apple is preparing for a dynamic quarter and they expect record sales. Smartphone competition will peak during the December holiday season. The company has already shifted its focus to the iPhone 15.

The next generation will bring interesting changes in design and technical specifications. Data has appeared on the Internet that reveals that the most expensive model of the range will be called the iPhone 15 Ultra. The new flagship will replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Apple’s upcoming portfolio.

New data reveals that the company’s flagship for next year will also offer a premium design that includes a titanium coating. Analysts expected a similar look in the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but Apple seems to have postponed the attractive design until 2023.

It is not by chance that the company focused on titanium, as it is a premium material with high quality. A titanium body on a smartphone will make it stronger and scratch-resistant, but it will contribute to the lower weight. The high price is the reason why there are not many devices on the market with a titanium body.

Finances have never been an issue for Apple, and the company is already conducting tests with the luxury material. The advantages of titanium will make the iPhone 15 Ultra not only more durable, but also contribute to the unique appearance of the smartphone. This will be the first iPhone to have a USB Type-C connector due to European regulations.

The iPhone 15 Ultra will have better cameras, a more powerful processor and a better battery.

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