чт. мар. 30th, 2023

Apple’s new flagship smartphone is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was just recently officially unveiled. As usual, the price of a new mobile phone varies by region. Analytical internet portal Nukeni publishes the countries where this top device is the most profitable to buy. Bulgaria is not included in these lists.

According to this information, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the cheapest in the US, where it is sold at a price of $1099. In Japan and South Korea, the phone is slightly more expensive and sells for $1,146 and $1,272, respectively, and in China, where the device is manufactured, its price is already $1,291. Canadian consumers can pick up the new iPhone for $1,357, while the minimum configuration of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in UK stores costs $1,383.

Retailers from Portugal and Finland are selling Apple’s new smartphone at a price of around $1,500, in Hungary the device costs $1,593, and consumers in Brazil and India have to pay a much higher price – $1,756 and $2,000, respectively. But the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most expensive in Turkey, where it costs a whopping $2413 according to today’s exchange rate.

One of the main innovations in the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the so-called dynamic island – a notch supplemented with uniquely created animations that expand and contract the area of its action.

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