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Blogger tested new smartphone technology in case of an accident (VIDEO)

The American YouTube blogger tested a new feature that the latest generation of iPhone – 14 is equipped with. Thanks to it, the smartphone is equipped with special sensors that react to a strong impact in an accident and the device can only call the rescue service.

If the phone detects a collision, it will make an emergency call after 20 seconds unless the person cancels it. If passengers are unresponsive, an audible message is played to emergency services informing them of the incident and the latitude and longitude coordinates.

The video below shows YouTube channel TechRax testing this system. The team has a battered Mercury Grand Marquis sedan as a test vehicle, as well as a bunch of wrecked cars to crash into. For safety, the car’s gas pedal is controlled remotely, and the seat belt is placed around the steering wheel to keep the car upright.

The first attempt to test the system that we see in this video fails for several reasons. The team underestimates the power of the sedan and it crashes through the burned car. Also, the brakes are out of control, so the sedan travels quite a distance before stopping.

Then several cars are placed in front of the car. The accident is not that serious, but the collision is enough to activate the accident detection function. As announced by Apple says, the system does not start immediately. After a few seconds, the phone starts counting down before calling emergency services. There is also a loud noise that can attract the attention of others.

The Mercury suffered only minor damage in this incident, so the team tuned things up again. This time the car bumps harder and keeps moving. The collision is enough to deploy the airbags. After a certain delay, the fault detection system is activated.

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