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New Apple Exclusive Exposes iPhone 15 Design Shock

Apple’s iPhone 15 range is allegedly changing shape, and the first renders look stunning. Now a new leak means we know more about it.

Speaking to me, popular anonymous Apple insider LeaksApplePro has provided new context on Apple’s iPhone 15 design plans and its material limitations. And you should remain cautious, but optimistic. Check this picture.

Last month, persuasive leaker ShrimpApplePro set the rumor mills in motion when that’s what he uncovered „every one of the edges will be adjusted“ on iPhone 15 models, with a plan that will look back to the 2013 iPhone 5C. Ergonomically, this plan was one of Apple’s ideal, yet that was forgotten when the iPhone 5C sent off with a criticized modest plastic back.

However, Apple is going a very different way with iPhone 15 models. In October, LeaksApplePro revealed that Apple will launch a new iPhone 15 Ultra in titanium, something ShrimpApplePro later said may come to all models. But LeaksApplePro has now issued a note of caution.

Uncovering Apple’s inward conversations, the leaker expresses that bended edges are not ensured to come to the iPhone 15 setup at this stage. All things being equal, they are at present areas of strength for under, however no ultimate choice has been made by senior administration

This is interesting because iPhone designs are usually locked down more than a year in advance. That said, this makes sense given the uncertainty that persists in Apple’s supply chain, with the company likely putting both preferred (ambitious) and backup (conservative) designs in place.

Clarifying some confusion around Apple’s transition to titanium, LeaksApplePro also said that glass will still be used for the backs of all iPhone 15 models because it is essential for wireless charging. While this is not surprising, some doubt had arisen due to the use of metal and plastic backs in many of Apple’s previous curvier iPhone designs.

Ultimately, as long as it is logistically possible, my gut feeling is that Apple will bring curves back to the iPhone range, even if they are limited to the iPhone 15 Ultra. Having introduced Dynamic Island with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the front of iPhones is a lock for the foreseeable future, meaning the only areas for differentiation are the sides and back. However, rumors of a dual front camera for Pro models do persist.

In addition, iPhone 15 models are expected to drop Lightning in favor of USB-C (one year ahead of the EU legal deadline), upgrade their primary cameras, and replace their predecessors’ physical power and volume buttons with taptic alternatives. On the flip side, rising component costs may result in much higher prices than you expect.

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