сб. мар. 25th, 2023

Waze navigation will show the accident history along the selected route

We have already informed you that a new feature has been added to the popular Waze application among drivers – a warning about approaching road sections with a high concentration of accidents. It appeared a few days ago in the beta version of the program and is based on reports from the community of the so-called. „weezers“. Here are a few more details about the new option.

When approaching particularly dangerous or „red“ areas (they are marked with this color), the program issues a warning, but the company states that in order not to overload the driver and create unnecessary anxiety, such a message will appear only once .

It is also possible to disable the option from the program settings. You can do this in the „Notifications and reports“ section, where the new category „Traffic accident history“ is expected to appear in the near future.

Of course, not everything that is tested becomes generally available, and there is no sure confirmation that the new service will be released for mass use. But Waze already has a number of options that were initially released in beta and then for mass use. Among them, one of the newest and most popular is the marking of the lanes in which you need to move in order not to miss the next turn.

By Vasil

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