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iOS 16.1 release date 24 september. More about ios 16.1. There have some new things in iOS 16.1

One-handed mode for Dynamic Island
The iPhone’s one-handed mode allows users to move screen content down to better reach items that are higher up. The feature is activated by swiping down at the bottom of the screen. With iOS 16.1, Dynamic Island now scrolls down in one-handed mode.

You can turn on the feature in Settings under Accessibility > Input > One-handed mode.

Share keys in Apple Wallet
With iOS 16.1, you can now share car keys, hotel rooms, and more through messaging apps. This works for example with messages, mail, WhatsApp and other messengers.

iOS 16.1 feature not coming to Germany
Holders of the Apple Card, which is not available in Germany, can open a free savings account at Goldman Sachs and have their cash rewards automatically deposited there.

iOS 16.1 gets a handy feature that charges the iPhone when the grid uses cleaner energy sources like solar and hydroelectric power. With this, Apple wants to reduce the CO2 footprint of the iPhone.

Does iOS 16.1 solve the battery problem?
One of the biggest problems with the iOS 16 update is the iPhone battery draining quickly. Users are reporting low battery life on various iPhone models on social media. TECHBOOK was also able to observe this behavior with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

The release notes for iOS 16.1 do not indicate whether the issue has been resolved. So far, we haven’t noticed any improvement in battery life in the beta version of the update.

Shared iCloud Photo Library

With iCloud Photo Library, six family members can share, edit, and delete photos and videos in a separate library. Users can easily switch between a shared library and a personal library, or mix both.

Приложението Photos вече може да превключва между споделени и лични библиотеки
The Photos app can now switch between shared and personal libraries

The Share feature in the Camera app lets you add photos directly to the iCloud Shared Photo Library. Even if family members are nearby, iPhone automatically offers sharing.

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