ср. мар. 22nd, 2023
mercedes glc amg 2024

Mercedes-Benz toward the beginning of June uncovered an upgraded GLC-Class that will hit display areas without further ado as a 2023 model. The attractive hybrid will ultimately generate new GLC 43 and GLC 63 execution choices created by AMG, and models for the GLC 63 have been spotted.

The ongoing GLC 63 and spicier GLC 63 S are Engine Authority top picks, on account of their intense looks, track-sharpened suspension, and obviously the V-8 irregularity in the engine.

For the updated GLC 63, the V-8 will be supplanted by a refined module half breed powertrain depending on a super 4 for its inside ignition part. The new arrangement, meant by new E Execution marking, made its presentation in an upgraded C 63 S, presently marked the C 63 S E Execution. The electric game car goes at a bargain the following summer as a 2024 model. Search for this new GLC 63 S E Execution to likewise show up for 2024.

In the C 63 S E Execution, the super 4 is a redesigned variant of the 2.0-liter motor tracked down in AMG’s ongoing yield of reduced vehicles. On account of the expansion of an electric-helped turbocharger, yield from the motor is supported to 469 hp. It likewise has an electric engine coordinated with the motor in gentle mixture setup to drive subordinate highlights, as well as act as a starter engine.

On top of this, there is a significantly more impressive engine (up to 201 hp) at the back hub, and that implies consolidated result can be knock up to 671 hp for brief spells. This back engine is mated to its own 2-speed transmission. A 6.1-kwh battery guarantees a little electric reach will be conceivable. Tragically, all the new equipment adds around 780 pounds over the active C 63. Expect a comparative weight gain for the GLC 63.

A comparable arrangement, yet with an additional strong V-8 motor, highlights in AMG’s as of late uncovered 2023 S 63 E Execution, as well as the 2023 GT 63 S E Execution.

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