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Last Tuesday Apple presented the new iPhone 14, today it’s iOS 16’s turn to arrive.

Apple presented the new iPhone 14 last Tuesday. While pre-orders opened on Friday, it is now iOS 16’s turn to arrive. Presented in detail at the last WWDC by the Apple brand, the update was offered in beta all summer before it was publicly available today.

The lock screen and notifications at the heart of iOS 16
Among the major new features announced, there are many changes to the lock screen. The latter is extremely customizable. It is now possible to add widgets to the top of the phone. The font could thus be modified at the user’s choice.

It will also be possible to put “filters” on the wallpaper. This new lock screen is thus similar to the Apple Watch. After the iPhone 14 Pro which sees the “Always-on” feature arrive, it is another feature of the Apple connected watch which is making its arrival on the iPhone.

But this change to the lock screen led to a second, cascading one. These are notifications that will be placed at the bottom of the screen. They will thus take up less space and will be easier to visualize for the user. They will also store better, not taking up all the space on the screen; they will be added one on top of the other at the bottom of the screen and can thus be scrolled at the user’s request.

The iPhone becomes a webcam with iOS 16
During the last edition of the WWDC, Craig Federeghi, big boss of the software part of Apple to explain that it was going to be possible for users under iOS 16 to use their iPhone as a webcam. This goes hand in hand with a major update within the FaceTime app. It will now be possible to switch the call from one device to another without the latter being cut off.

Once the call is made on a mac, it is possible to fix the iPhone (thanks to a small support) on the back of the MacBook. Once attached in this way, the rear cameras of the iPhone activate and replace the webcam of the computer. This should provide access to better image quality during video calls made from a computer. Today, webcams on newer MacBooks are limited to 1080p.

The concentration application takes up even more space
Apple also took advantage of this update to revamp its new “concentration” service. Launched as a replacement for the classic “do not disturb” with iOS 15, Concentration now takes up even more space. It is for example possible to block certain users when a style of concentration is chosen. Notifications are filtered more precisely, and applications can be blocked in turn.

Identity card and cropping of photos
While there are many new features with iOS 16, some are more important than others. The new Apple operating system notably offers the arrival of the identity card within Apple Wallet. Apple’s secure digital wallet, which is already capable of hosting bank cards or plane tickets, can therefore add a French identity card. The feature had already arrived with driver’s licenses in some US states.

Finally, the last novelty that we have decided to tell you about here, image clipping and sending by iMessgae. While Apple’s instant messaging service is under fire from critics (due to the refusal of RCS or the monopoly situation of iMessage), Apple is multiplying the novelties.

Increasingly serious competitors to the very popular WhatsApp, Apple’s native application is getting an interesting new feature. If this is more of a gimmick than an essential, iOS 16 should allow users to crop a face or object in a photo before sending this small selection via iMessage.

Which iPhones are compatible with iOS 16?
Apple has been offering to install iOS 16 since 7 p.m. this Monday, September 12. The update is to be found in the “general” section of the iPhone settings. While many iPhones are compatible with the latter, this is not the case for all. Below is the list of devices that support the update.

The four iPhone 14s
iPhone SE (2022)
the four iPhone 13s
the four iPhone 12
iPhone SE (2020)
the four iPhone 11s
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8Plus

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