сб. мар. 25th, 2023

As we all know that iPhone 14 series was going to launch tomorrow night at the product launching conference in autumn but a shocking iPhone 14 Pro picture is leaked in which the recording scene of the conference is shown. So without wasting any time let me explain the whole matter.

The news spread like fire when the picture of the iPhone 14 conference recording scene leaked which was going to launch tomorrow night, September 7-2022. Actually, the team was going to launch the pre-recording video of press conferencing which was still an online video conference that was announced to be launched on a global scale but somehow someone hacked the picture of the scene of the pre-recording video and leak it on the internet.

The breaking news is that the suspense of the conference is a complete breakdown because the iPhone 14 which was the huge and main lead of the conference clearly appeared in the picture as you can see in the image.

After analyzing the picture of the iPhone first realized the new purple color scheme. The report says that this will be the first time when iPhone 14 introduced the purple color in a gradient effect and is easily able to present the various visual effects according to the changing of the lights in different conditions.

Here I must say that this color feature will be the first time on the iPhone 14 but according to the previous report the same color was also repeated in previous iPhones.

By Vasil

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