нд. мар. 26th, 2023
ios 16 beta 4

Apple delivered iOS 16 beta 4 to designers on Wednesday. The update brings various little however eminent changes. There are updates to Messages, modifying your Home Screen and Lock Screen, CarPlay, and that’s just the beginning. Set out underneath toward the subtleties.

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are presently in beta testing with engineers and public beta analyzers. As of the present moment, iOS 16 beta 4 is simply accessible to enlisted engineers. We anticipate that Apple should deliver these forms to public beta analyzers at some point one week from now.

The updates are set to be delivered to the overall population in September, and Apple will keep delivering new betas up to that point. It’s likewise significant that, particularly during the early beta deliveries, changes and enhancements aren’t really straight.

This implies that something that worked in iOS 16 beta 3 might be broken in iOS 16 beta 4. As usual, tread carefully.

All in all, what’s happening in iOS 16 beta 4? We should jump into it…

iOS 16 beta 4 changes and features

  • As we covered in full detail earlier on Wednesday, iOS 16 beta 4 adds new limits for the edit and unsend features in Messages.
    • The time limit for unsending messages has dropped from 15 minutes to 2 minutes. You are also now limited to 5 edits and each edit is visible to the receiver.
  • You can now customize the amount of time you have to unsend an email in the Mail app. Previously the default (and only option) was 20 seconds.
  • There are multiple new wallpaper options for CarPlay, which you can download for any of your devices in our original coverage.
  • iOS 16 beta 4 adds support for letting developers test the new Live Activities feature, which adds live notifications to the Lock Screen.
  • There are new graphics in the Settings app that show the difference between the stack, count, and list notification display options.

  • There is also improved integration with Continuity Camera with macOS Ventura beta 4: a new button for enabling Desk View, and a new pop-up message explaining what Desk View is.
  • A new Desk View tutorial shows you how to properly position your iPhone for the best results.
  • When you adjust the volume of a song in the Music app, the volume bar now gets larger as you change it.
  • The Now Playing interface on the Lock Screen has been tweaked with bolder graphics and fonts.
  • Also, on the Lock Screen in iOS 16 beta 4, there’s a new “Add Widget” text to make it clear where widgets are supported.
  • iOS 16 beta 4 adds an updated Health data view in storage settings with more details.
  • There are two new wallpaper options in the Home app
  • iOS 16 beta 4 includes a new interface when adjusting the design of your Home Screen.



By Vasil

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