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Apple may push out the iOS 16.2 update in the remaining few days until the end of the year. The company has been working on multiple beta versions of iOS 16.2 since late October, but the official version is not yet ready. According to the latest rumors, the Cupertino brand could roll out the update on December 12 or 16. With that in mind, the final beta will be available today, Tuesday, December 6th.

Before being released to the public, iOS betas allow developers to test the latest features from Apple. It is possible to register in the Apple developer program and get access to the beta versions of iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, but this manipulation is also associated with quite a few problems.

Since beta versions are test versions of iOS, you may encounter bugs and issues while using them. So far, Apple has already released four beta versions of iOS 16.2. Usually, the company releases a heel before releasing its official version. However, the timing of these year-end holidays may force Apple to release the official version of iOS 16.2 this week. The release of the update will probably be 10 to 15 days before Christmas.

Such a plan gives Apple a few days after the update is released to fix any problems and provide users with a stable operating system. Apple used the same approach last year when it released the final version of iOS 15.2 on December 13, 2021, after only four betas were made available.

The new features
According to Mark Gurman, the update will be available the week of December 12th. He is a reporter for Bloomberg and an expert on Apple products. Thanks to this update, users should be able to get to know the Freeform collaboration app. In other expected features, Apple will significantly improve both the Home app and its integration with HomeKit.

The „live activity“ widgets that have been available on the iPhone’s lock screen since the September release of iOS 16 are reportedly another project that Apple is working on. Allowing third-party apps to use this service and updating it more often will be a problem. Apple notes, however, that this option can affect the devices’ battery life. The company did not describe the extent of battery damage caused by this feature.

Apple has added the ability to hide wallpapers and notifications. When the Always On Display option is turned on for the latest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. By using this feature, you can keep the iPhone screen partially on while keeping it in a ‘sleep’ state. The update will offer deeper “sleep” capabilities.

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