ср. мар. 22nd, 2023
iOS 16.2 launches with Apple Music Sing, E2E iCloud encryption, AOD fixes, AirDrop limits, and more

Apple seeded iOS 16 to the public back in September. Since then, the company has been working on smaller updates, such as iOS 16.1, to fix some leftover bugs and deliver missing features. Though, smaller updates aren’t always necessarily minor. Sometimes they’re jam-packed with exciting offerings and changes that truly bring a lot of added functionality to the table. iOS 16.2 is one example of a minor version bump that offers a ton of new additions. Apple had been beta testing this release with developers and enthusiasts for several weeks. The good news is that iOS 16.2 is finally available to the public as a stable build. Those with a compatible iPhone can now take advantage of Apple Music Sing, the Freeform app, end-to-end encryption to more types of iCloud data, and much more.

As the detailed changelog above reveals, iOS 16.2 is quite packed in terms of new features and tweaks. For starters, the Apple Freeform app is finally available. For those unfamiliar with it, this productivity app was first teased during WWDC22, back in June. It allows users to collaborate on infinite whiteboards to brainstorm ideas and plan ahead. You can doodle, type, insert media and other files, and much more.

Moving on, iOS 16.2 also introduces Apple Music Sing. This addition allows users with recent iPhone models to control the vocals’ volume and sing along. You get an improved lyrics view with support for duets, beat-by-beat highlights, and more. This new feature is available worldwide, and it obviously requires an Apple Music subscription.

Apart from Freeform and Apple Music Sing, iOS 16.2 allows iPhone 14 Pro users to disable the wallpaper and/or notifications when in Always-On Display (AOD) mode. This simplifies the AOD feature and reduces the battery drain. Additionally, this release limits AirDrop’s Everyone visibility to just 10 minutes at a time. It also allows users to end-to-end encrypt more iCloud data types, such as photos, device backups, and more. For additional information regarding iOS 16.2’s tweaks and offerings, you read the detailed changelog included above.

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