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Apple’s iOS 16.2 update is coming soon, along with a bunch of brilliant new features. Earlier this month, I reported that iOS 16.2 could come with a security feature called Rapid Security Response. This new iPhone feature was announced with iOS 16 back in the Fall, but it hasn’t made it to people’s devices yet.

In a nutshell, Rapid Security Response allows Apple to push security-only updates to iPhones on the fly, without the need to release a new iOS version.

On November 16, Apple tested Rapid Security Response in the iOS 16.2 beta. And this week, Apple has been testing the feature again, according to shareblog.

The first update was named “iOS 16.2 (a) (20C5049e),” while today’s update is “iOS 16.2 (b) (20C7750490f),” 9to5Mac writes. The site adds that it’s hard to tell whether the update includes a security patch or whether Apple is testing the Rapid Security Response system again to see how it works.

Of course, it isn’t guaranteed, but this second test indicates that iOS 16.2 could see the addition of the Rapid Security Response feature for everyone who updates to the upgraded operating system. When this feature is enabled, Apple can protect your iPhone from attackers without you having to manually install updates.

Rapid Security Reponse needs to be perfect

It’s a great feature likely coming in iOS 16.2, but to be truly beneficial, Rapid Security Reponse has to work optimally and that means quick fixes with no interaction from iPhone users.

The current update system is flawed, because Apple rolls out upgrades gradually to those who have Automatic Updates turned on. Sometimes people are waiting days or weeks for new iOS versions to install, leaving them at risk from major iPhone flaws.

It can be frustrating, especially given that Apple isn’t very talkative in describing the nature of iPhone flaws and who they impact. People are often left guessing, which means your only option is to look out for updates and apply them straight away.

Hopefully when it arrives in December, iOS 16.2 will resolve this. Check back to my page for updates on when this new iPhone feature will arrive.

By Kalcho Post

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