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You can always make a room more functional with appropriate zoning and separation
If you live in a small apartment, have only one room available for transformation, and there are no prospects of buying a new home soon, think about how to divide the existing space to make it more comfortable and cozy.

Here are some interesting ideas that do not require approval and legalization, but may

To divide the room into zones, it is not necessary to erect plasterboard partitions at all. You can simply change the level of the floor. Even if the difference in height is insignificant, the room will no longer be perceived as one room. The best option would be to build a podium and place a bed on it. A clearer separation effect can be achieved if you duplicate the difference in floor height with the same difference in ceiling. By the way, the podium can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a spacious storage system. Organize bedding, seasonal items, and more.

Put up curtains
If you do not want to build additional structures, you can divide the room into several parts with the help of curtains. In most cases, a curtain is used when you need to make a bedroom and a living room out of one room.
Instead of curtains, you can hang a canopy above the bed – this will also be enough to create a personal atmosphere and define the bedroom area.
Place a sofa or a stiletto
Furniture elements, especially shelves and sofas, are excellent helpers in zoning the space. It is enough to competently approach the issue of rearrangement and you will get two rooms instead of one. At the same time, you will not need to pay for repair work or spend money on the construction of additional walls. Choose a rack of any height – the most important thing is that it is open. Such a model looks lighter, more airy, does not overload the room and does not prevent sunlight from entering the part of the room that is separated from the window.
You can also use a rotating module. This option will be optimal if you want to watch TV both in the bedroom and in the living room. No structural changes are needed in the apartment. The only condition will be a sufficient area of ​​the room, at least 15 square meters. Otherwise, it will not be possible to place a bed for the hosts and a sofa for the guests.

Put a cabinet between the zones
A more functional option for zoning will be a tall cabinet. Unlike wardrobes, without which the inhabitants of average apartments do well, the wardrobe is a truly indispensable piece of furniture. If you use it to divide a room, access to things will only be on one side. You can decorate the other with mirror panels – this technique will visually expand the second area. It would be appropriate to place the cabinet doors in the bedroom area and the mirrors in the living room.
Sort by color
It happens that there is simply no place to install partitions or additional furniture that serves as an element of zoning. In this case, colors will help you. Different prints, shades and textures effectively zone the room without taking up a single square meter. In addition, correctly placed color accents help to hide the unsuccessful layout in the apartment. The combination of different materials looks very interesting. For example, you can use paint in the living room area and wallpaper with a romantic pattern in the bedroom area, but be similar in color so as not to create an imbalance.
However, this is not the only option for a successful tandem. The paint is perfectly combined with decorative plaster, wooden linings and clinker tiles.
It is important to avoid contrasting combinations that make the interior gloomy. While renovating, choose the leading color and accents in harmony with it.
With sliding doors
Do you want not to waste space and lighten the interior? Then sliding doors will become your best assistant. They can be glass or plastic, and the final choice depends solely on your preferences. Clear glass goes well with curtain and tulle, and a solid wooden frame with frosted glass, looks like a full wall and provides a good level of sound insulation. Such partitions are most often used by apartment owners who need to separate a bedroom and a children’s room or equip an office for work.

With wooden slats – imitation of blinds
Another option that designers use to divide one room into two is a partition created from wooden slats. It may have to be custom made, but the result is definitely worth it. The entire interior will benefit from such a partition, because it will visually divide the room into zones, but at the same time it will not prevent sunlight from entering both parts of the room and will not disturb the free circulation of air.

By Vasil

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