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Prices for the latest models exceed 1000 dollars. In addition to the map and good maps of its sites, the specialists think that they can also find such good options for lower prices.

Before he waits a little longer for the appearance of a new model, he can read many times. Aррlе е eдин oт нaй-дoбpитe пpoизвoдитeли нa xapдyep и coфтyep и въпpeĸи чe нoвитe мy пpeдлoжeния изглeждaт дocтa cъблaзнитeлни, тe нe пpeдлaгaт мнoгo пoвeчe фyнĸции oт пpeдxoднитe, a и пoтpeбитeлитe нямaт нyждa дa cмeнят тoлĸoвa чecтo тeлeфoнитe cи, зaщoтo тe нe ce paзвaлят.

Eĸcpets advise us to check papi when we want to buy a new phone. About some of the technical problems, writes CBS.


According to them, the best way to get consumers to buy a new smartphone is to wait, because in September, Apple will introduce the new models. This means that the prices will be higher and will eventually decrease. Those who often have to change the phone can buy a model that came out earlier in the year, so my price will now be lower.

Good news

Turning on a smartphone that is turned on after it has already been turned off once is a way to sweep the papyrus. In principle, these products do not have defects, but the companies give consumers the opportunity to return the product within 30 days if they do not like it. Because of this, most of the time, the failures are not due to a problem, but to a different reason. Arrle offers a whole page with such phones on his site.

Periods c decrease

Apple doesn’t usually offer discounts on its phones, but many stores that carry the products on the map do. Some of the best offers come during Black Friday. Because some merchants run different discount campaigns, consumers buy a product or activate a specific application. In exchange for this, they receive the specified fee and pay an additional cell phone fee for a new phone.

Supply of goods

If you still think you can get more for a phone by trading it in instead of taking it into an Apple store, give it a try. There are many different sites and applications where you can tell about the correct price of the order, so you can advertise the policy so that buyers can find it.

By Vasil

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