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Apple’s new default mode collects them at the bottom of the unlock screen and not everyone likes them: here we explain how to go back to the previous version

If you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 16 , you may have noticed that the Notification Center has changed a bit. Instead of occupying the entire screen , notifications are now grouped by default at the bottom of the display. Apple justified the choice by explaining that the change was designed to highlight the unlock screen , especially in view of the company’s new ways to customize the lockscreen with widgets, Portrait mode photos and new clock designs. However, if the novelty is not to your liking, don’t worry: you can easily return to the original appearance. In this guide we will explain how to restore the old version of notifications or how to switch to the new display mode, “ Counting „.

Three ways to view notifications

In iOS 15 , the only options available in the Notifications Settings were to adjust features like “Scheduled Summary”, “Show Previews” and “Screen Sharing”. In iOS 16, Apple added three new ways to view notifications in Notification Center: “ Count ”, “ Collection  and “ List  . Here’s how they differ.Count

This mode completely hides notifications and only shows the total number of them at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you have two unread text messages, five Instagram alerts, and a missed call, you’ll see an alert at the bottom that reads „8 notifications.“ You can swipe up to show them and down to hide them again.Collection

It’s the new default view after upgrading to iOS 16 (and setting up the new iPhone 14 ). With this layout, all notifications will be grouped at the bottom of the display . Touch where notifications are collected and they will expand to fill the screen. By swiping up, older notifications will appear at the bottom. This view is ideal for those who want to give more prominence to the wallpaper on the unlock screen.List

It’s the classic mode, the way notifications have been displayed on iPhones for years, and the one you should choose if you don’t like the new alternative proposed by iOS 16. All notifications appear from top to bottom across the entire screen unlock.

How to change the view of notifications 

Open Settings and go to Notifications . From the Show As section at the top, tap Count, Collection, or List, depending on your preferences. If at a later time you decide to change the viewing mode, simply follow the procedure again.

Whatever the default setting, you can always switch between views directly from the unlock screen with a simple procedure. Swipe up from the bottom of the display to view all notifications in list form; swipe down to collect them or, from Collection mode, scroll down again to hide the notifications and show only the total number.

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