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How To Make Money With Shareblog - 2022

If you’re looking for a way to earn some money online, you should definitely consider join in Shareblog. You can make money by writing and sharing articles.

1. Make Money

Shareblog is a platform for writing and sharing content (news and articles) for a fee.
Share on any social or community channel. We will pay you for the articles you read. We offer much more than the competition in the market when writing your articles. Format them to your liking – theme, title, text, clickbait, photos, tags and more. Before they are officially uploaded to the site, they will be approved by the administrator. Good pay on the platform which depends a lot on the traffic you will bring.

Double, triple more money is made if the traffic is from the more developed countries – USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Spain, etc. You should target them if you want higher pay.

All funds are increased by multiple factors – Number of posts, words, SEO optimization, high paying words (keywords) and visitor statistics. Invalid traffic is predicted by an automated system and a human before the amount is paid out. When we detect invalid traffic like buying visitors (bots) and more, the access to the platform will be suspended and the money will not be paid out.

The minimum withdrawal is $10. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal and any cryptocurrencies.

2. Want to start?

You can contact us through one of the groups or by leaving a message „I want to start writing articles etc“. We’ll get back to you very quickly



How To Make Money With Shareblog - 2022
How To Make Money With Shareblog – 2022



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