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iOS 16 has a lot to brag about, considering the number of features the update brings to the table. However, if you have updated to the latest iOS 16 firmware, you might have noticed that the battery is draining quite quickly than usual. Since the update is in its initial stage, there are bound to be underlying bugs and issues that Apple will fix in future updates. However, the battery drain issues on iOS 16 are real, and it is getting hard for people to make it through the day, but you can fix it. If you are experiencing these issues, check out the potential solutions below.

This is How You Can Easily Fix iOS 16 Battery Drain Issues on All Compatible iPhone Models

In my case, not only is the battery draining faster than usual, the battery health count has dropped by 2 percent from 100 after upgrading to iOS 16. Henceforth, it is better to take precautions before your iPhone’s battery health is permanently damaged. We have compiled a list of solutions for the iOS 16 battery drain issues that you can check out below.

Restart Your iPhone

The first solution that you should try in order to fix battery drain issues on iOS 16 is to restart your iPhone. Usually, restarting your iPhone fixes bugs and issues.

Disable Background App Refresh

Some apps might be working erroneously in the backend, which might cause the battery to degrade. Henceforth, it is best to disable Background App Refresh for now. All you have to do is head over to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Select Off each app that you think is causing the issue.

How to fix iOS 16 Battery Drain issues on iPhone

Charge on Time

It is always better to keep your iPhone charged above the recommended value. Henceforth, it is advised to always keep your iPhone charged and above 15 percent.

Install Latest Software Update

If your iPhone is not up to date, it is possible that Apple has released the latest version with bug fixes. Henceforth, it is important to keep your iPhone on the latest build of iOS. You can check for updates by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Turn on Optimised Charging

To protect your battery’s health, it is vital to turn on Optimised Charging – a feature provided by Apple to protect against overcharging your iPhone’s battery. You can enable the feature by navigating to Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Toggle on Optimised Battery Charging.

Battery life

Disable Reduce Motion

Reduce Motion is disabled on iPhone by default. It is responsible for the animations on the interface and puts a load on the processor, ultimately leading to battery drain issues on iOS 16. You can enable Reduce Motion on iOS 16 by heading over to Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Toggle On Reduce Motion. Furthermore, you can also enable Prefer Cross-Fade Transitions.

iOS 16 Battery

Disable Location Services

If location-based services are enabled, your iPhone would continuously be active in the background. You can disable the feature by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Toggle Off Location Services. This will fix the battery drain issues on iOS 16.

How to fix iOS 16 Battery Drain issues on iPhone


  • Turn off Raise to Wake
  • Use Dark Mode
  • Enable Low Power Mode

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