сб. апр. 1st, 2023

Google is starting to introduce its own lock screen widgets to Apple smartphones with iOS 16. Users can now use add-ons for popular apps like Gmail and Google News, but not for search, calendar and Maps, at least at this stage.

Gmail widgets come in three sizes, round, rectangular, and row. The first two can be placed below the clock, and the third appears above it as a line of text. In the case of Gmail, it will show a shortened date and number of messages in the inbox.

The rectangular add-on breaks it down by category, while the circular one shows just how many new emails you have. For Google News, there is a rectangular text widget. Tapping directly opens the mobile app with the article in question.

Shortly before the new add-ons also appeared for Drive and Chrome. In the case of Drive, there is a rectangular window for quick access to recommended files, as well as two circular ones for searching or accessing starred files.

The Chrome extension gives you a variety of options, including a round shape that you can search with.

By Vasil

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