ср. мар. 22nd, 2023
Facebook problem

The accusation is from a former Meta engineer

One of Meta’s former engineers, who was involved in the development of the Facebook and Messenger app, said that the two can quite purposefully drain your smartphone’s battery. The process is called negative testing and is intended to stress the battery for testing purposes.

George Hayward, who appeared in court with the prosecution, said that he refused to perform such testing because it could harm someone and leave his smartphone without battery at a time when he needed it. His managers replied that even if it harmed a few users, it could help the majority.

Shortly after refusing to work on this project, Hayward was fired. That’s when he filed the lawsuit, and according to his lawyer, the main reason for the court date is that consumers may not be able to access their smartphones when they need them most due to lack of battery. The court has not yet made a final decision and is gathering evidence on the allegations.

By Vasil

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