сб. мар. 25th, 2023

Apple announced the iPhone 14 series this week, and it turns out that the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are less of an upgrade than you might expect. The phones are still stuck with last year’s processor, that wide notch and 12MP main camera.

Now it turns out that even Steve Jobs’ daughter Eva is poking fun at the iPhone 14. Jobs took to his Instagram account to share a humorous image teasing the new phones.

„Switching from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today,“ the image’s caption reads. The photo itself shows a man holding the same shirt he is currently wearing.

Apple’s standard iPhone 14 models miss out on the A16 processor, the new display notch and the 48MP primary cameras seen on the iPhone 14 Pro variants. So we can understand why people think stock units aren’t a real upgrade.

In fact, you might be better off buying the iPhone 13 now that it starts at $699, as opposed to the iPhone 14’s starting price of $799. You end up with the same processor and notch, as well as the same 12MP primary camera resolution (albeit with a smaller sensor).

By Vasil

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