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iphone 16 pro face id

However, the latest report says that we shouldn’t expect Apple to follow Samsung’s under-display camera approach before 2026…

Inserted Face ID underneath the showcase

Apple has had licenses for implanted Face ID for many years now, and at one point it was proposed that Apple could present the innovation in the current year’s iPhone 15.

Nonetheless, show examiner Ross Youthful immediately excused that, expressing that it would rather come to the iPhone 16 of every 2024. He expressed that there are tests in presence inside the Apple store network, yet that will be normal at this stage.

Resulting reports by Ming-Chi Kuo and others expressed that the component would be restricted to the iPhone 16 Ace models. This is reliable with Apple’s rising arrangement of broadening the hole between the base and Ace models, and specifically doing as such with show tech. In the iPhone 14 setup, for instance, the base models stayed with the score while the Genius models got the Unique Island.

Another report says it’s a Pro-only feature

A report by The Elec again repeats that implanted Face ID will be restricted to Master models one year from now, and it will make it into the base models in 2025.

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to apply the ‘underpanel face ID’ feature, which hides Face IDs below the screen from next year’s lineup of iPhone 16-series Pro. Applying an underpanel face ID requires ensuring display transparency and package technology as the external light penetrates the display and enters the face ID […]

With the current trend, Apple can also apply the Underpanel Face ID to the next year, the next year, the iPhone Series sub-line in 2025.

Update: Patent granted for the tech

Evidently Apple detected that the iPhone creator was conceded a patent for the vital innovation around the same time as the store network report

Coincidentally, Apple was granted yet another patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office regarding this next-gen feature that could do away with their Dynamic Island on a number of iPhone models.
“A method comprising: receiving, from a camera disposed on a side of a back surface of a display that emits light from a front surface of the display, a captured image, wherein the captured image corresponds to light that has passed through the display and restoration optics configured to reduce image distortion caused by the display; and applying a digital filter to at least a portion of the captured image to further reduce image distortion caused by the display.”

By Vasil

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