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Ein Dreijähriger ist gestorben und ein Einjähriger liegt im Krankenhaus, nachdem er in Saarbrücken aus fünf Metern Höhe von einem Balkon gestürzt ist. Die Mutter, die nach einem Sturz ebenfalls im Krankenhaus liegt, wird von der Polizei als Mordverdächtig behandelt.

Police in Saarbrücken are investigating a mother who allegedly threw her two children off a balcony, one of whom died.

A three-year-old girl perished as a result of the incident, a spokesman for the Saarland state police said Friday.

A one-year-old girl is in hospital from her injuries, incurred in the fall, the spokesman added.

Father, relatives also at home when the incident occurred

The 38-year-old mother is being treated as a suspect for murder and attempted murder, according to police. She is currently in hospital after also falling from the balcony, which was around five meters high.

Police also spoke to the father of the children, as well as some relatives, all of whom were in the apartment when the incident occurred on Thursday evening.

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