ср. мар. 22nd, 2023

Camera Comparison between the brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max against its predecessor the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Some important thing to notice:

  1. All pictures during the day are taken in auto mode without touching on any of the settings!
  2. Videos are recorded at 4k@30fps since when recording at 4k@60fps they switch to HDR!
  3. Action Mode is turned off since it crops a lot and only the 14 Pro Max support it!
  4. All pictures during night are taken with night mode enabled with automatic seconds!
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iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Specs:

48 MP f/1.78, sensor-shift OIS – Main Camera
12 MP f/2.2 – Ultrawide Camera
12 MP f/2.8, OIS – Telephoto (3x)
12 MP f/1.9 – Front Camera

2160p@24/25/30/60fps – Front

iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Specs:

12 MP f/1.5, sensor-shift OIS – Main Camera
12 MP f/1.9 – Ultrawide Camera
12 MP F/2.8, OIS – Telephoto (3x)
12 MP f/2.2 – Front Camera

2160p@24/30/60fps – Front

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