нд. мар. 26th, 2023

The ecological solution will reduce oil consumption

While the title may sound like a clumsy April Fool’s joke, it’s completely true, and BMW does plan to paint its cars with feces. Of course, this will not happen directly, but through processed waste to replace some of the oil that is used to make the paints.

The German company will partner with BASF, and instead of petroleum-based components, raw materials from organic waste, including bio-waste from sewage treatment plants, will be used. This will reduce the use of oil, which in turn will lead to less harmful emissions, or so the two companies say.

BMW hasn’t mentioned how or which models the new technology will be used in or if it will go into series production, but for now it will be implemented at the plants in Leipzig, Germany and Roslin in South Africa. This is not the first time that BMW has used such waste materials to reduce harmful emissions, after last year it partnered with an American company to produce electricity from cow faeces.

By Vasil

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