ср. мар. 22nd, 2023

Rusnak put huge „kidneys“ on his 7er

At the launch of the previous generation BMW 7 Series, the internet was literally flooded with pictures, memes and mockery of the sedan’s design and specifically the „kidneys“. Now, nearly 4 years later, we’ve already seen another generation of the 7 Series, as well as other models with less photogenic grilles, or at least not according to most fans of the brand. However, some BMW owners still find something funny about the grill pictures, and it seems one of them even took things a little too seriously.

The photo you see above the text was posted on the social network Reddit and shows a Russian BMW 7 Series with a huge „grille“ covering the headlights and part of the front bumper. The scary-looking artwork is actually a foil, which is a reference to one of the most popular images on the Internet, which shows how BMW cars will look in a few years, if they follow the trend of increasing the size of the „kidneys“.

The sticker is placed on a previous generation 7 Series and it’s sure to turn heads, especially when you see something like this coming your way on the road. We would love to read in the comments what you think about the design of the new 7 Series and what is your favorite generation of the sedan.

By Vasil

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