чт. мар. 30th, 2023

Apple Pay may finally start working with the mobile versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers with the arrival of the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system, namely iOS 16. Tech journalist Steve Moser of MacRumors shares , that in the beta version of iOS 16 he noticed that Apple Pay works with other mobile browsers, and not just Safari, as it has always been before. Although at the moment we have no official information from Apple about this change and the company has not confirmed it, it seems that most likely the support of Apple Pay from other browsers will already be a fact. Mosseri shared his findings in a post on Twitter in screenshots. They show that even when using the mobile Edge, on the Apple checkout page, it sees an option that says „Continue with Apple Pay.“

Although Moser didn’t mention Firefox, other users who are also testing the iOS 16 beta report that they have found Apple Pay support and compatibility through that mobile browser as well.

However, Apple Pay is not yet available for other browsers in the latest beta version of macOS, the desktop operating system used by Apple laptops and desktops. As Moser notes, this is likely due to the fact that web browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox use the WebKit engine for their mobile versions, as this is one of Apple’s mandatory requirements, but this is not the case for desktop versions. where browser developers have the freedom to use their own engine. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for Apple Pay to work with desktop browsers other than Safari. But integrating compatibility is a much more difficult task, and in the first place it is not at all certain that Apple has the desire to extend the support of its digital wallet to other engines.

The current change in Apple Pay support may be a kind of response from Apple to the current investigations and criticisms the company is facing from the European Union. We recall that the EU recently accused Apple of anti-competitive behavior, limiting the choice of digital wallet for users of its devices only to Apple Pay, thus the company stifles competition and does not allow the market to develop a new player. The EU has even announced that it may adopt new legislation to force Apple to open up the possibility for other companies to offer their own digital wallets for the company’s devices.

By Vasil

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