чт. мар. 30th, 2023

Apple may increase ads in apps that come pre-installed on your iPhone and other devices in the company’s ecosystem. Apps where we can potentially expect an increase in the number of ads in the near future are Maps, Books and Podcasts. This is clear from a new material from Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, according to whom Apple has tested in an internal beta test the addition of ads to the Maps application. The ads will be related to showing recommendations when searching for restaurants, shops and other businesses near the user.

Apple already implements a similar advertising model in the App Store, where developers have the option to pay to promote their app in search results for a specific query. As Gurman points out, it’s possible that Maps ads could work in the same way, allowing companies to pay to appear in the top search results for certain keywords or phrases, likely once again ranking in paid results. by relevance and degree of qualitative satisfaction of user demand.

Gurman thinks the company could introduce a similar advertising practice in the Podcasts and Books apps as well. This would potentially help content creators promote their work on Apple’s platforms to appear higher in search results. Apple’s Maps, Podcasts, and Books apps don’t currently offer similar advertising capabilities.

Separately, Gurman expects Apple to increase advertising opportunities in the App Store as well. According to him, the company will offer the possibility of paid promotion of in-app results not only in the „Search“ tab, but also in the „Today“ tab, as well as on the application download pages themselves, as is clear from previous information from the 9to5Mac portal. According to 9to5Mac, ads in the Today section of the App Store will be distinguished as ads, with a „Promoted Content“ label placed below the app’s name, and ads on individual Apple store pages will appear highlighted in blue in the „You may also like“ section.

Apple can greatly expand its advertising business
Gurman also mentioned the potential for advertising that could be unleashed on Apple TV Plus, and said that the company could choose to create a new subscription plan that would be cheaper for consumers, but would include showing ads – a practice that which will soon be introduced to Netflix and Disney Plus, as a response to the shrinking user audience of streaming services that is observed on a global scale. Apple may add more ads to your iPhone in the near future.

By Vasil

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