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Based on the latest rumors and preliminary information, Apple’s next iPad Pro tablets are likely to be unveiled by the end of this year, but the upgrade and performance boost the devices will receive may not be as significant as we expected based on previous early information.

The current scoop on Apple’s premium tablets comes from analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who is proverbially known for the accuracy of the predictions and advance information he spreads. According to him, the next iPad Pro tablets will enter the stage of mass production in the last quarter of this year. But he notes that the chip maker Apple works with, TSMC, won’t be ready with its 3-nanometer processors until 2023, meaning the next iPad Pro devices will come with a 5-nanometer processor. This means that the next iPad Pros will bring an increase in performance and give users an upgraded experience and capabilities, but they won’t be as big as we previously expected.

Current iPad Pro models are powered by Apple’s M1 processor, which is manufactured on a 5-nanometer process and is the company’s first ARM-based chip, which debuted in MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops in 2020. According to Kuo, the next iPad Pros will come with the M2 chips, which are also 5nm, but bring a boost in performance, clean up the shortcomings of the M1 chips and boast better power efficiency.

The picture will be similar for the upcoming refreshed MacBook Pro models, which we hope to see in 2022. The updated M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets will be released at some point in 2023, and according to current reports, we expect them to debut with a new lineup MacBook series laptops that are expected to bring a significant increase in performance.

Users are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Apple devices that will come with chips manufactured using the 3nm process technology as they will bring better performance, better battery life and will be significantly more efficient in terms of some computing tasks where the company’s current chips don’t do so well.

In addition to the processors, according to Kuo’s inside information, Apple will also change the connectors in its next devices. We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple also introduced the MagSafe wireless charging technology in the next iPad Pro devices, which is currently available in the iPhone.

However, it will be some time before these new Apple devices are introduced in the market. Although the iPhone 14 is due to be unveiled in September, most insiders say the iPad Pro will debut in October at the earliest, when the next iPad OS 16 is ready.

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