ср. мар. 22nd, 2023

We still have no information on exactly when Apple’s next smartwatch from the Apple Watch series will be unveiled, but according to the traditional product cycle that the company’s smartwatches have, we should soon see the next Apple Watch 8. And along with it, the company may introduce and the premium version of the model, the Apple Watch 8 Pro.

According to analyst and regular Apple product insider Mark German of Bloomberg, the company is considering whether to equip the Apple Watch 8 Pro with satellite connectivity. It’s a premium feature that would go on a premium smartwatch, so it wouldn’t be surprising if this information is true and the next premium model in the Apple Watch line arrives with satellite connectivity.

There are still a lot of details we don’t know about the upcoming Apple Watch Pro, and we’re not even sure exactly what it will be called, as so far we’ve come across conflicting information on what its official trade name might be. . However, if Apple equips this future smartwatch with a satellite connectivity option, it would be useful for a section of users, as satellite connectivity remains the only reliable interface for connecting and communicating in places where traditional cellular networks or Wi-Fi are not available. .

It is possible that Apple is planning this upcoming smartwatch model to be a more robust device that is oriented more towards people who like to travel and spend time in harsher and more extreme conditions, as we can also judge from the preliminary information about its design. In this way, Apple may have decided to compete more directly with the other brands on the market that produce smartwatches for people with more rigorous physical activity, such as Garmin and others.

Using a satellite connection is standard practice for people traveling to remote, harsh environments where traditional communication networks are often down or non-existent. According to some speculations, Apple may be about to release such functionality in one of the upcoming iPhone models.

In parallel, satellite communication services continue to develop and become cheaper and more practical, which is mainly due to companies investing and innovating in the sector in recent years – Elon Musk’s Starlink is the main driver of the movement of market of satellite mobile services, thereby challenging the established giants of the industry to adapt to changing market conditions. Today’s technology allows consumers to use satellite connectivity without the need for a bulky antenna and a hugely expensive phone — especially important when device makers want to add satellite connectivity to compact smartwatches and smartphones as well.

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