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A trusted leaker has released a lot of information about the iPhone 15 Ultra

A trusted leaker has released a lot of information about the iPhone 15 Ultra

Three iPhone 14 models were released this Friday, and the fourth (Plus) will hit store shelves in a few days. Therefore, it might be too early to get excited about the iPhone 15 series. However, we already have important iPhone 15 rumors that detail some of the features of Apple’s 2023 series.

One of the most interesting of them claims that the iPhone 15 Ultra will replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max next year.
The name change suggests even more differentiation between iPhone models after what happened with the iPhone 14 series this year. The iPhone 15 Ultra may even include key features not available on the iPhone 15 Pro.

And a leaker has just provided various details about Apple’s alleged plans for the iPhone 15.

In the past, LeaksApplePro has offered accurate information on unreleased Apple products.

This time, he provided various trivia about the iPhone 15 on Twitter.
The leaker confirmed the iPhone 15 design claims from another insider. He said that all four iPhone 15 models will feature the same dynamic island notch as the iPhone 14 Pro models.

He also added that all four iPhone 15 variants will feature USB-C connectivity instead of Lightning ports.
It’s a feature we’ve already come to expect from future iPhones, given the European Union’s requirements for phone charging ports.

Additionally, LeaksApplePro claims that in 2023, Apple will embark on yet another naming scheme change. The iPhone 14 Plus just replaced the iPhone mini. Next year, Apple won’t change the size of the iPhone 15 again. But the 6.7-inch successor to the iPhone 14 Pro Max will reportedly be known as the iPhone 15 Ultra.

The leaker also claimed that Apple is working on 8K video recording support. But it is not clear whether the iPhone 15 Pro will get this feature. It may only be available on Ultra.

The Ultra will not be identical to the iPhone 15 Pro, the leak claims.
And this means that a price increase can be expected for the larger iPhone 15 Ultra. LeaksApplePro expects the phone to start at $1,199.

Similarly, Apple is looking to improve battery life, aiming for a jump of 3-4 hours, especially on the iPhone 15 Ultra. This will certainly be a huge improvement, assuming Apple can pull it off.

Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra will feature the new A17 Bionic chip.
The A16 Bionic will power the regular iPhone 15 and Plus models.

Also, reliable Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo said a few days ago that Apple is looking to differentiate the iPhone 15 Pro Max from the iPhone 15 Pro, without specifying a name change.

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