нд. мар. 26th, 2023

This took a while, but it’s finally happening: Chevron has updated its mobile apps with support for Android Auto and CarPlay, therefore letting users pay for gas right from the dashboard of their vehicles.

The support for gas payments is part of the latest operating system updates on iPhone and Android, so Chevron is one of the first energy companies to take advantage of these improvements.

With the latest app update, which is now live on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, users can pay for fuel, search for the nearest Chevron and Texaco station, get more information on each of them, and also earn points as part of the reward program offered by the parent company.

Needless to say, while this is another big app that launches on Android Auto and CarPlay, its availability is limited to the United States.

The number of apps available on both Android Auto and CarPlay is growing, especially as the parent companies have unlocked new app categories with the latest operating system updates.

For example, Apple’s very own iOS was already supporting app categories like food ordering, EV charging, and parking on CarPlay, but the debut of iOS 16 expanded this feature to fueling and driving task apps. This is the reason Chevron can now offer support for gas payments on CarPlay, with more companies likely to follow in the coming months.

It’s not difficult to see why this is such a big update. With CarPlay integration, finding the nearest gas station is a lot more convenient, as drivers don’t even have to stop on the side of the road and pull out their phones. The CarPlay support means Siri can do the whole work for you, as you only have to ask the digital assistant to perform a search, all while keeping your eyes on the road all the time.

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